Toni began creating sculptures from cast off race car parts that her husband and son no longer needed. The first gazing ball stand was in response to the ordinary ones at most garden shops.  Toni wanted something unique. In the garage one afternoon, she noticed the neglected pile of used parts in the corner. The crankshaft and its unusual machined beauty drew her.  Inspiration hit and she assembled the parts into a vertical sculpture that could hold a gazing ball.  "Weld this together!" 


Setting the new sculpture in the yard and watching the rusty patina grow finalized the look. The beauty of the patina transforms with time and organically blends with the landscape while maintaining a point of visual interest.

Soon others were asking for Toni to create  sculptures for their yards. Demand quickly grew and the mechanical elegance of recycled auto parts and farm equipment inspired new designs. Toni continues to create sculptures and garden art from all things automotive, cast off and recycled.

If you see something you like, let us know. We are always glad to hear from you.

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-Toni Anspach